Harmonie Reparateur 55H+ is a mult-vitamin lotion which is a treat for all skin types. It is packed with the best ingredients:
Nousishing Elego Phyto Naturel, Vitamins and moisturising agents.
This rich carrot-based formulation(carotene)is an abundant source of vitamins A, E, F and PP. Its formular includes the best lightening plant extracts known, but its effectivity and improved by adding 55H+ Serum Efficacite Extreme. Directions:
Use daily on your skin previously washed with 55H+ Gommant soap, then apply Harmonie 55H+ carrot lotion. Weight:16.80 fl.oz (500ml) Made in Community European. Special wholesale Price for the store-> fax for your store business license. Fax No:973-894-3257